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Five Tips for Creating a Play Room Your Kids will Love

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It can be difficult to fit all the children’s toys into your living room. You may find yourself forever tripping over toys or always picking up bits and pieces so they don’t get crushed underfoot. At the end of the day when the children are in bed it can be hard to reclaim your living room and transform it into a more adult space too. Many families find it useful to give up one room in the home as a play space. It could be the dining room, a spare bedroom or even a conservatory. If you have decided to create a designated playroom to reclaim a bit of your living room we have five great tips for you to follow.

  1. Make the room inspiring

The room should feel warm, inviting and engaging. Choose some great bright colours to use as accent pieces around the room – that way you can keep the walls a calmer colour. Use blackboard paint on one part of the wall, create an art gallery using some of their artwork and consider buying a great rug to help protect your carpet.

  1. Add plenty of reading materials

Children can learn to love books from a very early age. By adding a small library section, magazines and plenty of reading materials you can help your child with their reading and writing skills. Children love looking at pictures, talking about stories and acting out what they have read.

  1. Sort out the toys

This is a good time to clear away the old toys in the bottom of the toy box that are no longer age appropriate. You can also discover forgotten toys that still have plenty of life left in them. If you buy new toys choose ones that can grow with your child such as playsets, felts and activity toys from Golden Bear Toys.

  1. Bring in nature

Children love nature and it helps them to discover more about the world around them. Go on a nature hunt to look for pine cones  seedpods, leaves, wood and stones. Collect everything in a bright tub or box for nature exploration play.

  1. Add enough storage

You can help to keep the space clean and tidy by ensuring you have enough storage boxes for all the items that are there, and items to come. Choose brightly coloured boxes, add labels so the children know what goes where and make tidying a habit. At the end of each play session encourage your child to put the toys away in the right box before moving on to the next activity.

We have discovered lots of inspiring play room ideas on Pinterest – come and check out our Amazing Playroom Ideas pinboard.



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