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Tips for Parents of Toddlers

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Simple Tips for the parents of toddlers from GB Toys

Toddlers are energetic and a lot of fun yet they can be very complex. As a parent you can find yourself in fits of laughter, bursting with pride or feeling uncertain about what steps to take next. While there is no handbook for children and all toddlers are different, there are a few tips that are useful for all parents who have a joyful toddler on their hands.

  • Be careful what you say while your toddler is around. Little ones pick up on all different parts of your conversations, even when you think they aren't paying attention. Sometimes toddlers will repeat what you have said at the least appropriate moment – so do think if it’s the right time to have the conversation or if it would be better to speak about it later when little ears aren't listening.
  • Potty training will come in time. It is very easy to feel like potty training your toddler is a competition. However, no matter how hard you try your toddler will only pick it up when they are ready. Some learn with only a few mistakes and others can take much longer. It’s not a competition, it is learning and it can take time.
  • Relax and have a laugh. If you are able to joke around and have fun your child will learn a lot of great social skills. Parents who pretend, join in at playtime and have fun help their children to make friends, use their imaginations, be creative and even manage their stress.
  • Throw the idea of perfection out of the window and forget about it. Society often puts perfection pressures on adults causing stress and doubt to raise their ugly heads. Ignore the pressure and focus more on being relaxed an accepting each family member for who they are not what society thinks they should be like.
  • Enjoy the early years, they are gone too quickly. Toddlers are amazing. They are constantly learning new things, growing and exploring. Enjoy this time as before you know it they will be entering teenage years and you’ll find yourself yearning for some quality playtime together.

What tips do you have for parents of toddlers?

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