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Constructive Play Fun

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Enjoy some creative play with My 1st JCB

There are many different types of play, it’s not all about working the imagination. Constructive play is all about using different elements to create something new. This could be creating a building out of blocks, using a favourite My 1st JCB toy to create a building made of sand; knitting or moulding something from modelling clay.

Constructive play is brilliant for all children as it helps to develop loads of skills such as:

  • Solving problems
  • Testing different ideas
  • Planning
  • Physical skills needed to manipulate objects or materials
  • Working with others

There are a few ways you can encourage constructive play. First of all have a box of open ended items and materials in the play room. Fill the box with craft materials, cardboard boxes, wood, bottles, and tops to bottles, pens, paper, cotton wool and lots of other recyclable things from around the home.  Set up construction playsets and ensure you add time for playing with clays, paints and glue.

Construction is such a fun and essential part of play time. You can even include imaginary play and let your toddler enjoy pretending to be a member of the community such as a builder, a teacher, a gardener or even emulate you as you work. Why not find some time today to dedicate to construction? 

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