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Fun with Cars!

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Fun ideas when playing with toy cars

If you have treated your little man to a Go MINI car or a My 1st JCB truck we have some brilliant ideas on how to have heaps of fun with the new vehicles.

  1. Sensory play with cars is fun but be prepared to get a bit messy. You need a big tray, ideally one with a big lip around the edge to keep whatever contents you add as contained as possible. You then cover the base of the tray in something like cereal, shaving foam, modelling clay or sand. Children will love the new texture and if you use bubble bath you can give the toys a good clean at the same time!
  2. Making a garage for the cars is a brilliant way to spend a few afternoons, especially if it’s raining outside. You need cardboard boxes or large yoghurt pots and lots of sticky tape and colouring in pens or paints. There are hours of fun to be had building, playing with the garage and at the end of the day you can encourage your child to tidy up by ensuring each car is safely parked for the night.
  3. Build a race course in your living room. If you have a large sheet of paper you can help your child to draw a huge race course with a few spectators around the sides. Failing that transform the living room floor by building ramps out of books, cushions and even baking trays.

Go MINI and My 1st JCB toys from Golden Bear provide lots of different ways to play and keep your child occupied – and don’t forget girls can have just as much fun with these amazing vehicles as the boys! 

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