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Time to Help Out in the Kitchen

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Kids love cooking, so teach them how to help you out in the kitchen - fun and practical play

While many parents find the idea of cooking a bit of a drag, especially after a long day, children of all ages seem to find playing with food a great way to while away the hours. There are lots of dangers in the kitchen, but with supervision and some planning you can easily enjoy some time in the kitchen together and gain a little helper in the process.

All the activities below don’t involve the use of sharp equipment or cooking on the oven. Make sure all the knives are well hidden, clear a space for your child to work and remember to pop on an apron to protect their clothes, and yours!

Helpful Kitchen Play – Jobs for the Children

  1. When creating a meal from scratch you may need to measure out the ingredients. Ask your child to scoop or pour the various foods into the scales and help you find the right weight.  
  2. Once the foods are measured your child can help with the mixing. Get a big wooden spoon and start combining the ingredients and see what happens.
  3. Add some spices and herbs to your recipes gives food a bit of a kick and transforms bland foods into something more lively. Herbs and spices often have health benefits too so it’s good to get your children used to the different tastes. Kids love to mash things up a little so while cooking give your child the job of mixing up the spices in the pestle and mortar.
  4. Fruit and vegetables must be cleaned before they are consumed, especially if they aren’t organic. Pop a stool in front of the sink and ask your child to give them a good wash down for you.
  5. Greasing the baking sheets and pans is ideal for the little ones in the family. Drop in the amount of grease you want and hand the pastry brush to your little helper.

How do your children help you out in the kitchen?

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