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One Direction Go Live at Golden Bear Toys – Cue Screaming Girls!

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One Direction go Live at Golden Bear Toys

One Direction has taken the world by storm, evening managing to become one of the few British bands to successfully take on America. They have dedicated fans who love their songs and their personalities too. You can now find a great collection of gift ideas for One Direction fans on our Golden Bear online store – if you have a fan in your home aged 6 or over this is THE place to be.

One of the reasons One Direction have been so successful is thanks to the personalities of the guys in the band. They are genuine boys who love music and are fantastic friends too. Here are some quirky facts about the band:

  • Harry is the youngest; he loves to knit and is a massive fan of The Beatles
  • Niall is left handed and he is a huge fan of the hit musical Grease
  • Louis is the oldest in the band and he recently died his hair red in aid of comic relief
  • Zayn looks out for Niall as he suffers from claustrophobia and one of his fans fainted when she got to hold his hands
  • Liam is the one that is scared of spoons

One Direction are followed by their fans wherever they go, and now you can find some brilliant gift ideas for their dedicated fans right here. Our range includes the:

  • VIP Backstage Pass
  • Singing Keychain
  • Charm Bracelets
  • Dog Tags
  • Nail Stickers

So tell us, who is your favourite member of One Direction? 

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