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Easter is Coming – It’s Time to Get Creative

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Make an Easter Bonnet!

Image via Emma Vanstone

Easter holidays seem to be getting longer and longer. For the parents of school age children it’s a precious time to reconnect and spend some quality time with all the children. The problem is thinking up ways to keep toddler and primary school aged children entertained day after day. So we thought we’d share one great activity that is brilliant for the holidays; making an Easter bonnet.

You can make the bonnet out of anything you want from paper plates to plastic tubs. There are also cheap ready made plain bonnets available on the high street that are ready for you to decorate.  Stick to themed ideas such as birds and eggs, bunnies or Easter eggs. Perhaps the most fun is using cardboard – it’s easily found often in your cupboards and it can be transformed with very little effort. To make the cardboard Easter bonnet you’ll need the follow materials:

  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Pretty coloured paper
  • Decorations such as feathers, craft eggs, chicks or bunnies
  • Double sided sticking tape
  • Tissue paper
  • Cardboard

  1. Cut the cardboard to the width of your child’s head and about 20 cm in height. Mark a margin around the base, about 2 cm high, and use scissors to cut little lines around the base so it is easily manipulated.
  2. Decorate the hat by using the pretty coloured paper and gluing the decorations onto the sides. Use the margin you created to help you know where to stick the larger decorations that will be close to the bottom of the hat.
  3. When the hat has been decorated cut a circle that will be used as a base of the hat. Decorate the base and allow it to dry. Wrap the main hat section around your child’s head to make sure it’s the right size before using the double sided tape to secure it together – so it looks like a tube.
  4. Bend the sections you cut at the base of the hat upwards and attach double sided tape to each section. Push the circular base over the hat onto the folds and down onto the sections so they stick together.
  5. Leave the top of the hat open or use tissue paper to create a top.

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