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Tips for Parents of 5 Year Olds

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Tips for parents of 5 year olds

When children start school they can be introduced to all sorts of new behaviour . This behaviour can leave parents  tired and feeling like they have to redo a lot of the parenting they have installed. To help we have a few tips that can teach your child the rules you want them to live by – and to help continue the excellent work you are doing.

Stick to your own routine

It’s always a good idea to establish a routine and avoid steering from it too much. Be consistent – if you are happy for your child to play in the playground for several minutes try and give them the chance as often as possible. If you prefer your child to start the walk home with you immediately it will be easier to tear them away from your friends if you stick to the rule.

Avoid Over-scheduling your child

Schools introduce new clubs and opportunities, and school age children often have a lot of groups and hobbies they can start. The problem is school is already quite exhausting for some children and with all the extra activities the child can become over tired – leading to behaviour problems. Ensure you allow your child time to unwind or experience free play time.

Remember play is important

While your child may no longer seem quite so little any more play still plays an important role in their development. Focus on allowing more free play time – unlike more scheduled play that they experience in school. Ensure they have age suitable toys and give them the choice of what they want to do.

Avoid focusing on the negatives

If you see signs of learnt bad behaviour you can find yourself in the circle of disciplining your child. Instead of merely paying attention to the bad behaviour simply focus more on what they are doing well. Give praise when it is needed and if the naughtiness isn't putting them in danger choose to ignore it. If they don’t get attention from it they will learn that it’s not worth doing.

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