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What is Free Play?

Posted by Lynette - on

It's free play time at GB Toys

We are huge fans of playtime at GB Toys. Playing helps to promote learning, builds confidence, educates, teaches compassion, inspires creativity and more. One fun playing activity is known as free play. Free play is completely unstructured and is essential for children.

Free play helps children to unwind and is a great outlet for stress. These days there are so many different activities for children of all ages. The mornings maybe spent at nursery or parent and toddler groups, there are also toddler gyms, swimming clubs, dance and music classes to name just a few. Children are kept busy all the time and this can increase their stress levels. Additionally with too much structured play and activities the children can even struggle to play on their own and keep themselves amused which isn't ideal for any family.

Free play offers children some much needed downtime. In this time it is up to them what they do. They can choose their own toys to play with, read books, play in the garden or simply sit and watch a movie. Not all play needs to have a purpose, so let children have free reign and choose their own activities.

What’s the one toy your child always chooses at free play time? 

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