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Fun in the Garden

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Will You be Out in the Garden with the Kids this Easter?

Although the weather is saying it’s winter we have now passed the spring equinox here in the UK. We are hoping that the snow will be gone and the real springtime weather will come to stay. As soon as it does we can all get out in our gardens and start having some fun!

A lot of children are naturally curious about the garden. They love to play in the dirt and enjoy collecting leaves, admiring flowers and making nature inspired arts and crafts. If you have a child who loves the garden you can help them grow into little green fingered gardeners with the following activities (as soon as the snow goes!).

Spring Time Fun

We recommend giving your child their own little patch or place in the garden beds. You could also provide them with raised containers or pots if you don’t have the free space. In their own pots they will need some decent soil and placed in the best spot to help the plants flourish successfully.

Tip: If your child has outgrown the sandpit (or it has some cracks in) turn it into their own gardening plot.

Invest in some child sized tools, but go for quality as the cheaper plastic varieties do tend to break very easily and will need replacing. Teach your child to take care of their tools and place them away carefully at the end of the gardening session so they don’t get lost or turn rusty.

Choose some easy plants for your child to grow and involve them in the entire process – starting seeds indoors, moving to the garden, watering, weeding and harvesting if applicable. You may need to be more vigilant to help the plants grow – so removing slugs or dealing with insects could be best left to you.

Go for organic options and speak to your child about the importance of growing naturally. Do not use any pesticides or herbicides – always look for a more natural approach to growing.  This keeps your children safe from chemicals and toxins and helps to promote green living to youngsters from an early age.

Add a compost bin into the garden and teach your child what can and can’t be composted from the garden and the kitchen too.

Have Fun! 

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