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It's Time for Some Spring Cleaning

Posted by Lynette - on

Spring clean the toy box!

The weather may not be seasonal but it is certainly time to get the spring leaning underway. If you don’t yet feel like throwing all the windows open and giving the walls a lick of paint you can always start with the smaller jobs, like cleaning out the toy box - and shelves and under the bed! Toys tend to get everywhere don’t they!

Clearing out the toys your child has grown out of is a good way to get rid of clutter.  You will probably be surprised to find all the old puzzles, books and playsets that haven’t seen the light of day since your child outgrew them a few months ago. The problem is what to do with them? We have some great suggestions for you which will ensure they stay out of the landfills and provide plenty more years of happiness to other children:

  • Sell the toys online. Providing the toys are in safe condition you can always try and make some money back by selling them on auction sites. See if you have the original boxes as this helps to push the sale and search for all the little pieces before you list the items. Take a great photo and provide as much detail as possible in the description but be truthful about condition, usage and remember to put the age range too.
  • Wake up early and head to a car boot sale. There are always plenty of children, parents and grandparents looking for brilliant bargains. Think about how much you want for the toy, mark it up slightly higher and be prepared to be haggled down.
  • Take the toys to a local play centre, nursery or toddler play group. Often play groups have very little funding and providing the children with new toys to play with is a great way of keeping them entertained and happy while you chat with the other mums and dads.
  • Give the toys to charity where families can find a bargain and the charity can benefit from the sale.

Once you have had a clear out you will find plenty of room for new toys that will inevitably arrive when birthdays come round!

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