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Fun Activities for the Holidays - While the Weather Blows a Gale!

Posted by Lynette - on

 Play deas for a wet and windy day

When it’s cold and windy it’s not always enjoyable to go out and get some fresh air for long periods. While many of us should be out enjoying the warmth of the spring time sun we now find ourselves shivering with the heating still on in our homes. It’s not the best start to the school holidays but we shall have to make do. If you are looking for some fun ideas to keep your toddlers amused while it’s blowing a rainy gale outside how about trying out some of these ideas:

Weather Watch – Make a diary of the weather throughout the holiday. Put a small plastic jug outside and each day record how much rain has been collected. You can also tie this in with spotting new plants that have begun to sprout up in the garden. 

Making a Den and Having a Camp Out – A few sheets, pillows and a couple of chairs or a table is all that is needed to provide hours of fun. Making a den is always something children enjoy and can be even more fun when a friend is allowed over for a sleepover. Dig out the torches, find some healthy snacks and let the fun commence.

Time for a Change – Children may not be too keen on having a clean out but during the toddler years it is far easier to encourage your children to clean as it is seen as a game rather than a chore. You can make it even more fun by changing the room around – just make sure the little ones are safely out of the way while you lug around the big bits of furniture!

Dressing Up – Now if you are hoping to have a spring clean of your wardrobe dressing up is a great game to play. You can all try on outfits and play dressing up and at the same time you can decide which clothes you want to keep, which ones would be good for the dressing up box and what items you want to giveaway or sell. You keep the children happy while you are spring cleaning, everybody wins!

What activities do your children like to play on a wet and windy day? Follow Golden Bear Toys on Twitter and let us know how you have been keeping your children amused during the Easter holidays. 

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