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Cuddly Soft Toy Fun!

Posted by Lynette - on

Have fun with soft toys this half term!

Hearts are often won over by a cute and cuddly soft toy especially here at Golden Bear Toys. They make brilliant companions for playtime and bed time and can be the best friend who always likes to come along for a ride. Woolly and Tig are the perfect example of the friendship that comes from the perfect soft toy. If your child has a toy that goes everywhere with them we have a few ideas that they can do together during this long half term:

Make some clothing or a special bed for the soft toy

This is an idea that will help inspire your child to be creative with their hands and their brains. You can make clothes using old clothing, pieces of felt, wool or even use cardboard to make armour.

Give Your Toy a Yummy Treat

Invite the toy t dinner or to a picnic making sure your child is able to do all the hosting. Give the toy its own plate, cup, napkin and seat.  You could even get your child in the kitchen to make some sandwiches, healthy nibbles or a delicious smoothie.

Let’s Go to the Movies

Films are fun and can be the ideal way to keep your child entertained for an hour or so. Set them up on the sofa with a blanket, something to nibble and a drink, shut the curtains, turn off the lights and settle them in for some movie magic. If you have nothing to watch head off to the cinema and if there is room the soft toy could even have its own seat.

What adventures have your child’s soft toy been on this week?

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