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Playing Toy Shops

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Children love to play shop!

At Golden Bear we are lucky enough to be surrounded by toys all day long. We also like to come up with fun ideas for children who love their toys as much as we do. So today we thought it might be a great idea for the children to pretend to run their own toy shop just like we do! As a bonus this is also a great way for mums and dads to encourage a bit of a clear out too, but shh, don’t tell the kids…

Make Your Own Toy Shop

Things You’ll Need:

  • A table or large cardboard box flipped upside down
  • A large piece paper or cardboard
  • Smaller pieces of paper (Used old envelopes are perfect for cutting into little labels)
  • Crayons, felt tips or paints
  • Play money
  • The toy box!

Choose the Stock

Ask your child to pick some toys they would like on the stall and some toys to be used as customers who will visit the stall. The toys for sale need to be tidied up so they will look their best so they may need a bit of fluffing up or a wipe down.  This is also a great time to see if there are any toys your child isn't really keen on keeping anymore.

Write down the names of the toys on a piece of paper and set them up on the table top. Ask your child how much money they would like and get them to write down the figure on a label that can either be attached to the toy with ribbon or placed in front of the toy.


Now it’s time for some crafty fun as the store needs a name and an attractive sign that will make it stand out. While your child is colouring you can take the time to have a cup of tea before helping the children attach the sign to the table or on the wall. If your child is a fan of colouring in they could also make a couple of flyers letting the toy customers know the shop is opening soon.

Time to Sell

Give your child some plastic money and a box. This is a good time to go through the amounts of each coin and to do some sorting. Go through what your child needs to do when a customer comes along such as be happy and friendly, tell them a little about the toys they are interested in and the price. Teach them that they will need to hand over the money in exchange for the toy just like what happens at your local shops.

You or your child’s friends can take it in turns bringing in one of the toy customers who can each buy a toy. Each time a toy sells tell your child to tick it off their list and at the end of the sale they can add up all the money they have earned and give themselves a pat on the back.

Tidy Up

At the end of the day your child can put back the cleaned up toys in the toy box, put away their money and take down the sign they made which could be put up in the bedroom for even more play fun tomorrow!

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