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Give Yourself a One Direction Manicure

Posted by Lynette - on

Give yourself a One Direction Manicure!

If you have a fan of One Direction in your home you may be aware that Golden Bear now has a 1D collection right here at our online store. One of the top sellers in the collection are the nail stickers. There are five sets of nail stickers to collect, each set features one member of the band, either: Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis or Zayn.  

Transform Your Nails

  • Nail stickers are simple to use and a lot less fussy than fake nails. All you need to do is:
  • Wash your hands and nails and dry them well with a warm towel
  • Use a natural hand cream to give your hands and nails a lovely soft feel and let the hands soak in the moisture before starting to stick on the nails
  • Peel off the One Direction nail stickers one at a time and apply to the nail. Position them carefully and pat down using a cotton bud to make sure they stick well. It is better to start from the centre of the nail to stop air bubbles from being trapped underneath.
  • Admire your new nails!

When it comes time to remove the stickers all you have to do is soak the nails in some warm soap water and gently peel the stickers away. So who's your favourite member of One Direction? 

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