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Time to Make Space for Christmas Toys!

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Make room for Christmas Toys

Children don’t have long to wait for a visit from Santa, which usually means lots of brand new toys to play with. Now is a good time to have a good old clear out to make room for all the new arrivals. It’s also a great excuse to clean up the house before the decorations go up and the Christmas tree comes in for the next few weeks. Here are our tips on how to have a good clear out of the toy boxes, shelves and the living room floor!

  1. Go through the old toy boxes and cupboards and look for toys that you know your child has either grown tired of or forgotten about. If they are designed for younger children you should be safe to quietly remove them without them being noticed. If you’re worried that your child will notice the missing toys, we recommend removing them and quietly reintroducing them several weeks later and evaluating the response the toys get from the children. If they show no signs of interest you’re probably safe in removing them from the home with little or no repercussions.
  2. Encourage your children to get involved by asking them to tell you the toys that they are bored with or that they feel they have grown out of. It’s easier to get rid of the toys they feel emotionally ready to leave behind.
  3. Teach your children the positives of giving up toys that are no longer played with and giving them to children that may not have as much as they do. You can donate these toys to your local hospice, charities or even send them abroad to needy children.
  4. If your child is reluctant to let anything go, remind them that Christmas is coming and there won’t be room for new toys if they old ones are taking up the space.
  5. Children love to feel grown up, ask them to help make the perfect space for a big boy or girl.
  6. Show understanding and don’t force your child to part with toys that they are currently keen on. Do explain that you understand any feelings of sadness they may feel at the prospect of saying goodbye to an old favourite, but explain that by giving it a new home will make them feel better and that it’s good to let go.

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