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How Will You Spend the Last Day of the School Holidays?

Posted by Lynette - on

How do you spend the last day of the school holidays?

Today is the last day of the Easter holidays for many children in the UK. That means a lot of you will be making sure all their school clothes are ready, the lunch boxes are at hand and making any last minute dashes to the shops for summer uniforms.  It’s always a good idea to ensure your child is tired out so they get to bed on time and up early, especially if they have been lying in a little over the past few weeks. Here are a few games to play that will help them to exert lots of energy and enjoy a good night’s sleep tonight.

1.       Get out in the fresh air. If you do need to go to the shops to pick up some food for lunch or new uniforms don’t take the care, go for a lovely long walk. The fresh air will feel wonderful, especially if you are lucky enough to be experiencing some brighter, warmer weather. On the way you can play games such as count the red cars, spot the birds or eye spy to give the brain a little work out too.

2.       There is nothing like a clean room to wake up to on the first day back at school. Ask your child to help you. Give them their own tools for the job, a soft rag for dusting can keep your child busy for long enough so you can change the beds, a dust pan and brush will allow you time to get on with the washing up.  Ask your child to help you ensure all the toys are in the right place too. 

3.       Enjoy the last day of freedom by heading to the park or to your local swimming pool. Ending the last day on a high ensures lots of smiles before heading back to school.

What will you be doing today? Do you have any rituals for the last day of the school holidays?

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