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Tips on Keeping Your Toddler Active

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5 tips to keep your toddler active

Some children are naturally active; they love nothing more than keeping on the go. Others are naturally quitter and like to move less. We all know activity is great for toddlers (and grownups to) so how can you encourage your toddler to get up and go?  Here are some tips from the team here at Golden Bear.

1.       Provide space to run around and play inside and outside. It is a good idea to keep televisions out of the playroom and bedroom and dedicate these spaces to good old fashioned play.

2.       Let your toddler free from constraints whenever possible – by free we mean out of the pushchair and the confined seat of the high chair.

3.       Turn off the television. Even if a child is playing they can get sucked into what is on the screen. If your toddler is busy and you are too there really isn’t any call for the background noise.

4.       Be active yourself and show by example. Take regular trips out, even if it is just out in your back garden.

5.       Buy toys that encourage movement like cars, magic wands, balls and activity sets for the garden.

How do you keep your child active?

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