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Ways to Help Develop Hand Eye Coordination

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 Ways to help develop your toddlers hand eye coordination

Hand eye coordination is the skill that allows you to fine tune the way your eyes connect with hand movements. Babies and toddlers are constantly working to learn this vital skill and it’s a good job too as it is used when writing, tying shoes, getting dressed and lots of other activities your child will need to be able to achieve when they are older. There are ways you can help to develop hand eye coordination with simple activities, here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Playing with Puzzles

Puzzles are great fun and it is a good idea to have started your toddler on puzzles when they reach around 18 months. Start with basic shape puzzles and slowly progress through age appropriate ones as your toddler masters the skills needed. Shape sorters are also a good idea as your child will need to work out how to move the shape around in order to fit it into the right hole.

Colouring and Drawing

When your toddler is about 2 and a half you can introduce them to the world of chalks and crayons. You can let your child simply scribble, encourage them to copy what you draw and choose simple pictures to colour in. As your child gains more control encourage them to try to stay within the lines.

Playing with Balls

Balls are great for hand eye coordination and you can start playing with them when your child is still baby. Rolling the ball back and forth helps children to learn they can help direct the ball with their hands. As the child grows you can move on to catching and throwing.

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