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Five Ways to Help Your Toddler Learn to Read

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5 ways to help your toddler learn to read

If your toddler isn’t one for sitting down quietly with a book don’t fear, they can still begin working on their language development. Most toddlers are more into being active than sitting still for any period of time but books and reading can be active too. Here are a few easy tips to help develop reading skills in even the most energetic toddlers:

  • Sing rhymes and songs. First of all sing it correctly until your toddler has learnt the words then begin missing out the rhyming words or putting the wrong words in their place for your little one to fill in the gaps and correct your mistakes.
  • Choose books that have actions inside them such as pop out books, musical books and ones with lots of different textures. These are more likely to grab the attention of your active child for longer.
  • Choose stories that are based upon toys and activities your child already loves. If they like playing with toy cars choose books based on cars, if they prefer to play with fairies look for fairy adventures etc.   Additionally look for stories based on your toddler’s daily routine – getting dressed, heading to see grandparents or eating lunch as your child can easily identify these experiences.
  • Read bits of books at various times of the day but keep it short. You only really need to spend a few minutes and never make your child feel like they have been forced into it. Make it fun, snappy and spontaneous. There are no rules!
  • Encourage your child to describe the games they are playing and the toys they are playing with. Ask questions that will help your child let you know what they are thinking.

Do you have any tips to share with the Golden Bear Toys readers? 

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