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What to Do With Left Over Paint

Posted by Lynette - on

What do you do with your left over paints?

Painting activities are loads of fun for pre-school children and often the parents too. If you ever end up with pots that still have paint left inside it can seem very wasteful to simply wash it away.  Here are some ideas on what to do with the dribs and drabs left over so no paint gets wasted.

·        Grab a cardboard box out from the recycling and make a quick garage for your Go MINI collection or a house for Ben and Holly.

·        Make a quick name sign for the bedroom door.

·        Use a large piece of paper and make some homemade wrapping paper to use on someone’s birthday.

·        Make a rainbow.

·        Create a poster with the house mottos on such as: Have Fun, Read Every Day, Remember to Laugh, Always Brush Your Teeth Before Bed.

Here’s a tip to help avoid the problem of pouring out too much paint use containers with lids on them as the paint pots rather than dishes or plastic bowls. Most supermarkets have lidded cups or containers that are small, easily stackable and that will help to save the paint ready for the next painting activity. 

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