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Learning Through Active Playing

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Toddler activity play

Toddlers love to move and be active, well most of them do. While they are exploring they are always learning something new and putting what they have already learned into practice. Playing helps to develop skills while having fun, they can explore, use their imaginations, ask questions, work on their fine motor skills and learn all about social skills too.  So what physical skills are being worked on at what ages?

Toddlers aged 12-24 Months

·         Walking unaided

·         Beginning to run

·         Pulling and carrying when walking

·         Walking backwards

·         Kicking

·         Holding stair rails

Toddlers Aged 24 -36 Months

  • Balancing on one foot for a few seconds
  • Climbing
  • Running
  • Bending over without falling down
  • Throwing balls over the head
  • Using pedal tricycles
  • Kicking balls forward
  • Uses both feet on steps

Children need to be active each day so use the toys in and outside of your home as well as parks and open spaces to encourage activity.



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