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Make Your Own Play Dough

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Make your own play dough

Image: Becky Gabrys

Who doesn’t enjoy playing around with soft, brightly coloured dough?  It feels great and can be manipulated into all sorts of shapes. It’s fun for all ages so why not make your own using these simple instructions.

What You Need

·         2 cups of Flour

·         2 cups of Warm water

·         1 cup of Salt

·         30ml of Vegetable oil

·         15ml of Cream of tartar

·         Food colouring

·         Scented oil (optional)

·         Saucepan and an oven top

How to Make the Dough

Get the sauce pan and mix all the ingredients together and heat gently while stirring with a wooden spoon. Keep the heat low and keep stirring and you will notice the dough begin to form and get thicker. Wait for the dough to have fully clumped together in a single ball before removing from the heat. If you take it off to quickly the dough will be very sticky. The ideal texture feels dry as this will not stick to your fingers.

You can either mix in the scent and the food colouring in the saucepan, in a bowl or on the kitchen surface. It’s more fun to get it out on the surface, make a dip in the middle to drop a few drops of food colouring – now for the fun – knead the dough until the colour is consistent throughout.

The dough is ready to use, so get playing! 

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