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Playtime with Baby

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Playtime with Baby

Most of us think about toddlers more than babies when it comes to playing. We imagine children pushing cars or playing with dolls but babies play too, just in a different way. Babies from as young as two months begin to have more interest in the world around them so how can you interact and ‘play’ with a tiny baby?

  • Singing and reading introduce babies to language and the voice. Reading to a baby while they gaze at the pictures is fun for you both. In no time your baby may begin to grab out at the book and put it in their mouth so choose age appropriate books that are suitable for this type of handling.
  • Encourage your child to learn by showing them all sorts of different objects. Hold an item and move it slowly side to side and your child will begin to track it with their eyes, moving their head side to side too. Tracking is one of the first skills babies learn that help them to learn more about the world around them and it helps to develop visual skills too.
  • A mobile is a brilliant toy that gives babies interesting things to look at and hit. As they get older they will begin kicking or hitting learning that when they kick the mobile toys they often make a sound or a movement.
  • Textures are fun for babies to explore. Soft toys are fun for babies to touch and even put in their mouths as they explore and learn. Toys that make sounds when touched are also good fun.

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