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Why do Babies Like Mouthing Everything?

Posted by Lynette - on

Why do Babies Mouth Everything they can get their Hands on?

When babies reach the age of around 9 months old they are beginning to really take more notice of the world around them. They use their hands, eyes and their mouths to answer questions such as “what is this?” Babies use their hands and their mouths to learn about features of objects, the textures, heat, edges and sides all have their own characteristics.

They are building connections between appearances and sensations. This is why babies will often hold an object, look at it and put in in their mouths over and over again.  They are learning. By doing this as babies they are preparing for later in life. By the time they are at school age they will know what sides, edges and corners feel like without the need for exploration and this will allow them to go on to solve bigger problems.

Always make sure that the objects your baby is putting in their mouth is safe and age appropriate.Take a look at our new collections of toys suitable for newborns and up by visiting our GB Toys online store. 

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