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Mr Tumble Something Special for all Children

Posted by Lynette - on

What Makes Mr Tumble So Special?

Mr Tumble is a hit with all children and parents alike. His friendly face and funny antics gets everyone smiling when they tune into his show on CBeebies. However, Mr Tumble has something extra special as he is targeted towards children with learning and communication difficulties.

The aim of the show is to introduce children of all abilities to Makaton signing. This form of sign language is ideally suited to children who have difficulty in communicating or delayed learning. All children regardless of their level on the learning spectrum are special and Mr Tumble likes to remind children of this fact. The learning is supported through the loveable Mr Tumble as well as the signing, speaking and a narrative that is played over the clips shown in the show.

If your children love Mr Tumble like we do here at Golden Bear Toys please sign up to our newsletter. We are launching the Mr Tumble Something Special collection of brand new toys very soon and we will keep you up to date with pre-order opportunities and release dates. Until then why not tune into see what Mr Tumble is up to today. 

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