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Help Your Child develop a Growth Mindset

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Growth Mindset Development

A Growth Mindset is an excellent tool that children can develop and carry into their adult lives and there are ways you can help it to grow. The growth mindset is particularly useful as it helps children to bounce back from their failures, helping them to make improvements and become successful at anything that they may initially find challenging. It builds resilience, something we all benefit from in our everyday lives.  The opposite of the growth mindset is the fixed mindset. Individuals with a fixed mindset are more likely to give up on things that don’t come naturally; they fail and often give up.

A growth mindset is when adults and children believe that their abilities and intelligence can be developed by learning from mistakes and persistence.  These are the people who don’t let failure define who they are as a person and they are not discouraged by setbacks. Here are three ways you can help your child develop this mindset:

  • Don’t shy away from high expectations. Work towards higher goals and showing children that they can do things they might not think that they can simply by continuing to try and aim high. Setting high expectations helps to promote self-esteem in children and showing your child that you have faith in their abilities will help them to believe in themselves too.
  • There’s nothing wrong with failure, without mistakes we can’t learn. Failures can be embraced and shown as a positive thing rather than something to be ashamed or embarrassed of. Just because you got something wrong doesn’t mean it’s not going to be useful. Failures show that boundaries are being pushed and tested and that we are trying things that are out of our comfort level.
  • Teach your child to carry on and not give up. Failure and challenges can be very frustrating but that shouldn’t mean the end of trying something new, it should be a sign that they are working well to grow and improve their current skills.

One of the ways to promote a growth mindset is to praise in the ‘correct’ way. Steer away from claiming talents to be natural and promote the fact that the effort they have made is what deserves the praise. Teach your children that the effort, hard work and the practise is the reason why they are being successful at their current goal through the praise you give them. This will be helpful when they come up against activities and tasks that might not come naturally to them.

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