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Is There a Prankster in Your House?

Posted by Lynette - on

Dennis the Menace Coming Soon to GB Toys

Some little boys and girls love to play tricks and pull pranks on people. Do you have a prankster sleeping under your roof? These little games can be a lot of fun for everyone and they are a brilliant part of childhood that are treasured and remembered for life. If you were a fan of Dennis the Menace growing up you will understand the love of jokes and the laughs that can be have when pulling funny tricks on people.

Dennis the Menace is making a comeback (has he ever really gone away?). If your son or daughter are always looking for ways to giggle and enjoy a good light-hearted joke you will be pleased to learn that Dennis will soon be found right here on Golden Bear Toys.

We have some exciting toys and games coming later in the year that are just perfect for cheeky boys and girls aged 6 and over. You will find a wide range of toys such as complete prankster kits full of lots of ways to pull a pranks, complete with a cartoon instruction manual to help them!

If you have a son or daughters with a great sense of humour why not introduce them to the funny world of Dennis the Menace and his friends. Sign up to our newsletter to be one of the first to know about our brilliant Dennis the Menace toys coming soon! 

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