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Mr Tumble – The New Beatles for Kids

Posted by Lynette - on

Mr Tumble Something Special Toys Coming Soon!

Every so often a television show comes along that seems to tick all the boxes for children and parents alike. The Teletubies was a major hit and back in the day shows like Playschool, Bagpuss and the Flumps were loved by all (and still loved by many parents and grandparents who remember them). Now is the time for Mr Tumble, Something Special.

The love for Mr Tumble and Justin can be seen on childrens faces as they watch his antics on television or on his website. Thanks to his friendly persona, funny charm and the way that the show is put together he has been warmly embraced by all. While the show is specifically aimed at children with slower communication development and learning disabilities the creators of the show have successfully managed to provide entertainment for everyone. More and more parents and children are learning Makaton, improving communication for everyone whether in the home, at nursery or at the shops. It’s a fantastic achievement and seeing how loved Mr Tumble is shows that great television shows for children are still being made today.

There is a huge buzz around the show which can be reflected in the excitement for the launch of the Mr Tumble Something Special collection of new toys and games soon to be found here at Golden Bear Toys. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated about Mr Tumble and competition news. 

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