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How to Keep Six Year Old’s Active This Summer

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 Encourage Your Six Year Old to Turn Off the TV

Are you fed up of seeing your energetic six year old watch the TV or play video games for hours on end? These are easy habits to fall into and they can buy you some peace but it is far more beneficial to have your six year old get up and get active. By encouraging TV watching you may be contributing to inactivity in later life and we all know that this isn’t good for anyone.

If you need some activity inspiration that will peel the eyes of your child off the screen try out some of our ideas below:

Make a den – this can be done inside and outside the home; in any room in the house or even in a park or local woods. Encourage your child to be creative with the materials they use, create a club and make signs for their new hidey hole. Help them to get started and then let them take the reins and see what they can come up with without any of your input. Let your child invite their friends round for some traditional club house fun too.

Make some homemade play dough using our easy instructions.

Put on the radio or pop a CD into the stereo and encourage your child to get singing or dancing. Even 10 minutes of dancing is enough to get the heart pumping and the lungs working.  This is great exercise for you and your child.

Show your child that they are growing up and have more independence in their own space by rearranging their bedroom. Let them decide where the furniture should go and be open to their ideas but always ensure the space will still be safe. If it’s too wacky you can always limit the change to a night or a week or so and then try a different arrangement.

Shortly we shall be launching some excellent Dennis the Menace toys that six year olds will love that will also imspire them to get off the sofa and on their feet. So get the TV turned off and encourage active play!

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