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Looking for some play inspiration for your one year old?

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Playing with your one year old 

1.       Pretend that their toy has come to life, grab their favourite In the Night Garden toy and imitate it walking, dancing and moving. Bring the toy to the table for dinner, pretend feed the doll and involve it throughout the day’s activity. Act out many emotions too. You will be teaching imagination, empathy and understanding as well as reinforcing the normal routine and activities that your one year old is learning.

2.       Clapping is fun and it teaches your child how to use their hands in new ways, promoting motor skills and hand eye coordination. Teach your child to clap by singing songs with clapping actions and help your child master the skill by clapping their hands for them.

3.       Balls are always great fun and they can be introduced very early on. Get a soft ball that is made from foam and roll it to your one year old. Sit facing each other and roll it backwards and forwards. This is great for hand eye coordination and for gently strengthening muscles.

4.       Go for walks outside and give your baby a bucket to hold. Collect items such as rocks, leaves, daisies and pine cones. Filling containers and emptying them is a lot of fun for a little one.

What games can you recommend?

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