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Milestones to Look for in the First 6 Months

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 Milestones for babies - In the Night Garden

You have your wonderful bundle of joy and now it’s time to start having some fun.  There are some milestones coming up, each as amazing as the other, so what should you be looking out for in the first 6 months of your baby’s life?

  • Plenty of noises like cooing, babbling and a bit of cooing too
  • Your baby will respond to voices and sounds
  • Gentle interactions with others
  • Lots of beautiful smiles
  • Exploration with hands and the mouth of course
  • Supporting the head
  • Rolling onto the tummy and then back again

Great Activities to Help Your Baby Work Towards the Milestones

Talking to your baby and singing is a wonderful way to encourage interaction. The more you interact, smile and chat with your baby the more they will try to respond back. You can read, sing nursery rhymes, play on the floor, give your baby toys designed for 0-6 months and simple enjoy seeing the world through your newborn baby’s eyes. 

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