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Supporting The Development of Your Baby

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Support the development of your baby through play

Babies learn through playing and taking in their surroundings. Activities will help them to develop physically, emotionally and cognitively. As they reach little milestones they continue to master those skills and go on to learn new ones. By letting yourself relax and immerse yourself into the world of your brand new baby you will help them to develop and grow. It’s a whole lot of fun so get on the floor and start making the most of this amazing time.

We all know to be gentle with a baby, especially their necks, but you will soon find that your baby is able to support their own neck – first for a few seconds and gradually for much longer.  Putting your child on a play mat allows them to move safely and in their own time.  You can also promote hand eye coordination from an early age. Hold soft toys suitable from birth in front of your baby and them move them in and out of their eye line. You will be encouraging tracking and soon they will try to grasp the toys that they see.

All the while you should be talking, singing, rhyming and reading stories. This will help your baby to develop their language and cognitive skills. Soon they will be trying to talk back. Remember to use your facial expressions a lot too; plenty of big smiles, blowing raspberries and even sticking out your tongue will make a big difference.

What games do you enjoy playing with your baby?

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