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Dealing with the Terrible Twos

Posted by Lynette - on

How do you cope with toddler tantrums? Here are some tips you can try out next time your little one wants to fight for control:

Remember tantrums are normal behaviour – your toddler is making a claim for their independence and need to learn the boundaries. How you react will have a big impact in how they act in the future so as hard as you may find it don’t back down.

Try to avoid the places where you know your toddler is likely to have a tantrum. If you’ve discovered that your little one regularly has a major strop in the supermarket try online shopping instead or ask your partner to go with you or look after your child while you go alone.

Avoid heading out anywhere if your child is tired, hungry or feeling under the weather. This isn’t always possible so if you are heading out take some food with you, a blanket so they can get comfortable and their favourite soft cuddly toy.

Talk to your child at eye level and communicate face to face. Use simple short sentences and give them a hug if they’ll allow it. You can let them know you understand them that you love them but that they will not get their own way.

Describe what behaviour is acceptable for example if you toddler has hit another child tell them that it’s important to be careful and gentle with hands.

Be flexible and allow your child the opportunity to make their own choices. Ask them to pick out the outfits they want to wear out of a small selection or give them a choice of vegetables that they can have for dinner.

If you shout and boss people around your child will only copy your behaviour so be a good example.

Understand that your toddler is unable to understand the concepts of other people’s emotions and won’t understand sharing. You need to help them to calm down and gradually teach them these skills.

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