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Inspiring Play for Children with Learning Difficulties

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Inspiring Play for Children with Learning Difficulties

Children with learning difficulties will often take longer to reach the milestones that are set out for young children. You can help to encourage your child to learn and reach these goals through play. The goals may be higher for your child, take longer to achieve and seem like a struggle but you can support your child through play and fun.

Play itself will need to be taught and each new step will involve a lot of repetition and support. You shouldn’t worry or get angry over the length of time these goals take to reach. Keep calm, positive and relaxed and use play and TV shows such as Mr Tumble Something Special and enjoy the magic moments.

There are many different types of play that will give your child the support they need. You can use play to develop creativity, interaction and language skills. Vary the types of play you focus on. You can encourage creativity with crayons, paints, chalks for example or work on language with nursery rhymes, songs and books. Physical play involves an activity such as playing catch and rolling balls and actively playing Ring a ring o Roses. Actions and motions makes all play more active and physical helping to strengthen the bond between you and your child. 

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