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Supporting Language Development through Play

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Supporting Language Development through Play

Learning language begins at a very early age and comes in the form of cooing and babbling.  Children with learning difficulties can find that their speech development is slower compared with their peers. But the best way to get over this is not focusing on the milestone times rather just work through at your child’s pace.

There are lots of ways to communicate. Children can use words, sounds, hand signs such as Makaton used by Mr Tumble, pictures, symbols and physically taking you by the hand and showing you what they are trying to communicate.  As a parent you should respond to all forms of communication and feel confident in using any method that your child is using.  Signing is an excellent tool that is extremely useful and can even encourage a reluctant talker into using speech.

Tantrums that occur for no reason are a sign that your child is finding it hard to communicate with you. Using various communication techniques, especially ones that your child seems to prefer can dramatically reduce the number of tantrums you witness in your child. 

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