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Prank Ideas for Playful Children

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Prank Ideas for Playful Children

Many children love to play pranks, they are funny and a little bit of mischief never hurts anyone, in fact they can be highly entertaining…just look at Dennis the Menace! If you have a little prankster in your home here are a few perfect prank ideas that they will love.

The Late School Morning

This is a prank perfect for children to play on their brothers and sisters, or maybe even dad! On the weekend get dressed in your school uniform and ask everyone else in the home to play along and dress up as they normally would on a week day (everyone apart from the prank target of course). Wake up the target and pretend they are running late for school or work…They will be very relieved once they come rushing downstairs dressed and ready to go that they can in fact go back to bed!

The Tiny Meal

A meal time prank to play is the tiny meal. Make normal sized dinners for everyone at the table except one person. Make the target a meal of tiny proportions-a perfect meal just a lot smaller than everyone else’s. This is a great trick to play on dads and older brothers who love to have very big dinners! The look on their face will be hilarious.

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