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The Real Life Dennis the Menace

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The Real Life Dennis the Menace 

Did you know that Dennis the Menace was inspired by a real person?  Robert Fair had spikey black hair and was the son of a friend of the creator, David Law.  Robert Fair was always playing jokes on people and sometimes he would get in trouble with his dad.

When he was a young boy Robert would go round to David Law’s house with his dad. He would place books on the tops of doors to watch them fall down on the heads of anyone who would open the door. This was obviously a source of amusement for Law who went on to create Dennis the Menace for The Beano in 1951.

Robert only found out that he was the inspiration for the character in 1990 when Laws daughter, Rosemary Moffit, made the discovery.  Each time Robert would leave the house after visiting Law would comment by saying “What a menace he is”.

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