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Toys that are Great for Early Development

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 Toys that are Great for Early Development

Finding toys for children aged younger than three can be tricky. While there are many suitable from birth up to twelve months there seems to be a gap between the ages of two and three that make it difficult to buy for this age range. Two year olds may be too advanced for the younger toys but not quite ready for those aimed at three year olds. So how can you make a decision on what to buy?

Start with Your Child

Consider what interests they have and the things that they like to do. If your child has a favourite television character you can start by looking to see if they have a toy range to compliment the show. Most televisions now merchandise their characters and the toys are often aimed specifically to the same age range that the show is aimed at, such as In the Night Garden.

Expand on the Way Your Child Plays

Take the time to sit down with your child as they play. Watch what they are doing with the toys they have become bored of or that you feel they are now too young for. You will find in most cases there are new ways of using the toy that can push your child either mentally or physically. For example if they like to play with a doll you can teach them how to give it a bath and prepare it for bedtime. If they like to play with blocks you could show them a new structure they can make and try to get them to copy your designs and add design features of their own. Combine toys together, you could have a soft cuddly toy and introduce using it with building blocks by making it a bed, a chair or even a house.

Take a look at our collection of In the Night Garden Toys that are fantastic for helping early development and entertaining young children at the same time. 

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