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Stop the Boredom!

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Stop Boredom in its Tracks!

When the summer holidays come along children are often shattered from the long school year. It’s a great time to let them relax and enjoy just being a child without early morning rushes and long days at school. Within a week or so your child will be well rested and this is when boredom can begin to work its way into the day. So how can you stop the boredom?

Each day aim to get outside and get active – go for trips to the parks and hunt down new locations to explore such as woods, forests, hills and beaches. Avoid taking the car when you go anywhere local and let your child burn off steam as you move around town.

Try to avoid playing routines – mix things up a bit throughout the day and spread out the different types of games throughout the week or the month. Try to combine at least three different playing activities each day – you can choose from creative play, pretending and imagination, active, mental activities, manual activities. Work as much of the brain as possible and as soon as your child seems to lose interest in one thing distract them with something new.

Limit the television – make it a special treat at the end of the day or only use it to buy you some time. There are many excellent television shows but TV can encourage inactivity and also become expected rather than a treat. If you can keep it as something that is limited you will be able to satisfy boredom or buy yourself some quiet time far easier. Choose educational shows as well as entertaining shows such Dennis the Menace and Mr Tumble depending on the age of your child. CBeebies and CBBC have a great collection of shows.

How do you fight the boredom with your child?

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