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Perfect Party Favours

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Perfect Party Favours

Children love parties and one thing that makes them even more exciting is at the end of the event when everyone is given a party bag. In the past these bags would often contain a lot of sweets but as times have changed it is more common to find little toys rather than sugar packed treats. Here are some of the toys you can find here at Golden Bear Toys that make brilliant party favours.

Something for Everyone

·         In the Night Garden Squirter - £3.99

·         Driver Dan Pullbacks - £1.99

·         Sketchy Fun – Starting from £2.99

·         My 1st JCB Squirters - £3.99

·         Pepper Pig Pullbacks - £3.99

These small gifts are brilliant to giveaway at the end of a party. The children will love them and the parents will appreciate having a child that is not hyped up on sugar at the end of the evening. 

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