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Brain Training for Toddlers with Woolly and Tig

Posted by Lynette - on

 Brain Training for Children with Woolly and Tig

Memory games are great for children. They are fun but they also give your children a simple way to develop and practice using their memory. The Woolly and Tig Pick n’ Match Your Feelings Game is an excellent learning tool that comes in the form of a game.

Not only will the play help to work the memory of your child through the matching game, it also helps to teach feelings and letter recognition and reading skills. The aim of the game is to match the right pictures, characters and feelings together. You place all of the cards face down and take turns looking for two cards which match. Then it is necessary to try and remember where you have seen certain cards in order to make a pair as you progress through the game. The person who finds the most pairs wins the game.

This is a really fun educational game that features Woolly showcasing all sorts of emotions. It is suitable for children aged three and up and costs only £3.99 on the Golden Bear Toys store.


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