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Games to Fight Off Boredom

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Great Games to Fight Boredom

The summer holidays are here and keeping your children amused will be on top of your priority list. If your child is fed up of playing with their toys and you are waiting for the midday sun to cool down we have some suggestions for you that will stop boredom from setting in.

Hide and Seek

Always a classic game, hide and seek can keep kids amused for hours and it can be done in all sorts of locations. One child or adult counts with the others need to go and hide. If you have young children keep the game in a set out space so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or going somewhere they shouldn't

The Guessing Game

Pick several objects and place them in a box that has a hole cut out of the top. Ask the children to reach inside and feel each of the objects. They need to guess what the objects are by touch alone. Pick some of their favourite toys but throw in some other objects such as fruits or pieces of clothing to push their brain power.

Musical Statues

Put on some music and get everyone to dance. When you stop the music everyone needs to stop instantly in their current position. If someone moves before the music starts again they are out of the game until there is one winner left on the dance floor.  

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