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Enjoy the Sun Safely with Your Little Ones

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Stay Safe and Have Fun in the Sun

Now the fine weather is finally here you probably want to make the most of it with your children. It is time to get the paddling pool out, fill up the sandpit with some fresh play sand and absorb some vitamin D. The problem is many children don’t want to come in on fine days and it is necessary to make sure that they don’t get sunburn or sunstroke. Here are some tips on how to keep them safe and sound while enjoying the outdoors.

  • Cover up with sunscreen first and foremost. Apply it approximately fifteen minutes before your child heads outdoors so it has time to work. Keep topping up the sunscreen throughout the day, especially after playing in the paddling pool or sandpit.
  • Make your child wear a hat and keep it on. This isn’t always easy but it is essential. Buy a hat that your child loves as it helps encourage them to wear it and look for styles that cover the back of the neck and has a brim to shade the face.
  • Have a shaded play area to put all the favourite outdoor toys. Cars such as the My 1st JCB range are brilliant outside as they are durable. Place the toys in the shade to encourage your child to spend time there.
  • Encourage frequent breaks from the sun especially between the hottest times of the day. Feed your child inside and make them come in to eat or have their drinks at least. 
The heatwave won't last so do make the most of it while it is here, just be safe and have fun!

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