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Why Are Nursery Rhymes so Good for Children?

Posted by Lynette - on

Why are Nursery Rhymes so Good for Children?

Ever wondered why nursery rhymes are recommended as learning tools for young children? Well, studies have shown that simple nursery rhymes are useful in helping children develop language skills, learn phonics and they can help children learn how to read and spell. All of this learning is all wrapped up in fun rhyming text that engages children and keep them happy and amused.

Sadly many children are missing out on this learning opportunity and fun play time activity as parents are relying more on television rather than reading materials. Many teachers are reporting that the youngsters arrive in class not knowing some of the more tradition rhymes such as Doctor Foster, Hickory Dickory Dock or Humpty Dumpty.

You can give your little one a great start by introducing them to as many nursery rhymes as you can think of. You can also use popular children shows such as In the Night Garden that was inspired by nursery rhyme story books. There are lots of books available plus online resources that will help you to become familiar with the popular poems that we are learnt when we were growing up.


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