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Can Adults Benefit from Play?

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Play is Great for Adults Too!

One of the best things about playing with your child is the lifelong benefits it has for all of us. Not only do we have the pleasure of having fun and laughing and watching our children do the same, we also get more out of it that you might have first thought.

Benefits of Playing

  • It builds connections and strengthens bonds. We can use it to build trust and compassion, develop empathy and build a sense of community when playing games with others.
  • We can learn vital skills to help us all solve problems and open up to new ideas involving discovery and creativity. We can put ourselves at risk and learn through trial and error.
  • Play fights depression, loneliness and anxiety as it triggers endorphins. We can be distracted from negative emotions and the happy hormones give us an emotional lift.
  • It makes us happy. Play is about having fun, relaxing and doing something that is designed to be joyous. By playing and allowing yourself to relax and just let go of everything else you can find yourself smiling and happy in no time at all.

So when it comes to playtime remember it’s not all just for child’s development and pleasure. Let yourself go, have a good play session every day and reap the positive benefits. 

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