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Survival Tips for Parents Heading on a Camping Trip

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Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy an affordable holiday and escape the world for a while Getting back to basics is good for the whole family.  If you head to a camp site there will be lots of other children for your kids to meet and play with, giving you some time to relax with a cup of tea and enjoy the scenery.

Camping isn’t always fun and games. You have very early mornings, with children getting up as soon as the light comes through the canvas. You might be uncomfortable, cold or experience bad weather, putting a dampener on everyone’s spirits. If you’re planning on taking the children camping this summer use the tips below to help ensure it’s a great success.

  • Do a test run in the back garden or at the grandparents. A trial camp is a good way to spot any potential problems so you can plan around them. It also gives the children an idea as to what it’s actually like sleeping in a tent all night.
  • Study the weather forecast for the areas you are considering going to. If torrential rain and high winds are forecast it’s a better idea to cancel and go at a later date, or look for alternative accommodation.
  • Plan what you’re going to eat. After three mornings of getting up at 5am and sleeping on a camp bed do you really think you’ll be up to serving up a fry up for breakfast? Keep breakfast meals simple and aim for BBQ style cooking for the evenings. Take some extra cash to spend on meals out if you really have had enough of cooking on an open fire.
  • Organise clothes for the whole family and take an emergency bag of clothing in case everything else gets drenched.  Always take rain coats, willies and some warm clothes even if the forecast is declaring a heat wave – you never know in the UK!
  • Put new batteries in the torches and take a few spares. If cooking on gas ensure the canisters are full.
  • Find the flattest part of the field that you can to pitch your tent. Heads go uphill and feet point down. Place pyjamas inside each person’s sleeping bags to keep the warm, dry and save time routing around for them in the dark.
  • Take some toys! A much loved cuddly soft toy can help reduce any night time fears and home sickness. Bring some books; colouring in pencils and some travel play kits too. The children may not have cause to need them but it’s better to go prepared!



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