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Dennis and Gnasher Coming to Golden Bear Soon!

Posted by Lynette - on

Do you have a fan of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher in your house? Perhaps they enjoy playing playful pranks on you and their friends and can always be found with the family dog as they go on their adventures and cause mischief everywhere they go. Dennis is as popular as ever thanks to the ever popular comic and the new series being shown on CBBC.

We’re releasing our Dennis the Menace and Gnasher very soon right here at Golden Bear Toys. If your prankster can’t wait take them over to the CBBC website where you can find all sorts of activities that will keep them entertained. You can find a great game called Dennis and Gnasher Doodlebugs where you can customise pictures, use the webcam, gallery and add your own photos! That’s not all, there are loads of video clips to watch and there’s even a full episode to catch up on. Finally there’s a great wallpaper than can be downloaded and used on your desktop.

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