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Heading Back to School

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Back to School!

The summer holidays are almost at an end and you've survived! Now it’s time to get the children ready for school which will involve busy trips to buy school uniforms and shoes. It’s always stressful but it’s also an exciting time for your children as they prepare to see all their friends and favourite teachers once more.

If you have a small child who is starting school for the first time there may be some slight nerves, possibly for you more than your youngster! You can help your child to settle in and get ready for the new routines in all sorts of ways, and here are a few of our favourites:

  • Play schools with all the toys in your child’s room. You can be the teacher and help your little one to understand some of the basic steps of the day such as hanging up coats, getting ready for PE and games, answering the register and having lunch and break times. Games like this are a lot of fun and can help to relieve any uncertainties that your child might have.
  • Ask your child to pick one of their favourite toys (or buy a new one from GB Toys) who can attend school with them. Remember to add a name label on the tag just in case the toy ends up getting left in the playground or classroom at the end of the day.
  • Read stories and watch TV shows that are based around school activities.
  • Try on all the school uniform and remember to take photos of this very sweet momentous occasion.

Do you have any tips for parents sending their children off to big school for the first time?

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