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Mother’s Day Ideas with the Kids

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Mother's Day Ideas for Dads

Okay Dads, this is your time to shine! Sunday is Mother’s Day, a time to encourage the children to say thanks to their mum for all the love they give, and letting mum have a day that is just for her. We have a few ideas for those dads out there that might be struggling for ideas… So no excuses! Gather the kids and get ready for lots of hugs!

  1. Let’s start with the obvious – making cards for mum. Many pre-schools and schools will take care of this for you so there’s no need to get messy. BUT, you can make it even more special by buying small frames for the cards to pop them in while mum is enjoying breakfast. You could also get the kids to present handprint cards, these are a great way of documenting their growth. Don’t forget to get her a card from yourself too, thanking her for everything she does for you and the kids.
  2. Lie-in. Many mums will really treasure a great lie-in. Wake up with the kids and take them out to the park to make sure mum isn’t disturb before she’s ready. Leave a note, just in case she rises earlier than you expect.
  3. Bring home some flowers, or ask the kids to pick up something on the way home from the park. Pine cones, even leaves or a cool stone will please mum!
  4. Breakfast in bed. Make her favourite breakfast and bring it upstairs with the kids, cards and flowers.
  5. Arrange an afternoon out with her friends or family, something that she’ll really treasure. Make the plans and surprise her with the date and the details. It’s great to have something to look forward to.
  6. Get the kids to help you make a candle lit meal in the evening. Make sure you tidy as you go and wash up at the end of it.
  7. Do the housework. Again, get the kids to help if they’re old enough. Do the jobs that she hates, the washing, ironing, dusting, hoovering, sort out the wardrobe, the toy box, everything.
  8. Run a bath, change the bed sheets while she’s pampering herself in the tub and get her favourite Netflix show ready for when she emerges.

8 ideas that will delight mums this Mother’s Day. Remember to save up your energy, or start on Saturday to make sure you’re not too tired on Sunday…

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